solar panels

The quantity of solar panel installations on structures that are connected to the grid has increased in the last few years. The demand is driven by government funding programs and electricity providers as well as individuals and companies that want to use clean and renewable energy.

If the solar system is linked to the grid, the solar system contributes power to the building and any excess power from the day can be transferred to the grid. Solar batteries are not necessary, because the grid contributes any demand that is extra. If you want to be independent from the supply of the grid, a solar battery is needed to supply power at night.
Vacation homes that do not have admission to the grid can use solar power systems more lucrative than if the grid was extended to reach the location. Homes that are situated in a sunny location, can acquire reliable electricity to meet their needs with a solar home system which consists of a solar panel, solar battery (to store the energy), a charge solar controller and the wiring and switches that are needed.


solar panel 1The roof of office buildings can be covered with solar panels. Sizeable rooftops like factory or warehouse rooftops are ideal for solar panels. If the rooftop is too flat, brackets can be mounted using a method that will not interfere with the weatherproof roof covering. The walls of commercial buildings offer numerous prospects for solar systems.


Solar energy has been the first choice of power for industrial purposes for years, particularly in remote locations. Solar systems are ideal for remote locations because it requires little up keeping and is extremely dependable.

Solar energy is also frequently used for transportation signaling, such as offshore navigation buoys, lighthouses, aircraft warning light structures, and increasingly in road traffic warning signals. Solar is used to power environmental monitoring equipment and corrosion protection systems for pipelines, well-heads, bridges, and other structures. For larger electrical loads, it can be cost-effective to configure a hybrid power system that links the solar system with a small diesel generator.

Remote Applications

solar panel 3Remote buildings, such as schools, community halls, and clinics can benefit from solar energy. In developing regions, central power plants can provide electricity to homes via a local wired network, or act as a battery charging station where members of the community can bring solar batteries to be recharged.
Solar systems can be used to pump water in remote areas as part of a portable water supply system. Specialized solar water pumps are designed for submersible use or to float on open water. Large-scale desalination plants can also be solar powered using an array of solar modules with battery storage.
Solar systems are sometimes best configured with a small diesel generator in order to meet heavy power requirements in off-grid locations. With a small diesel generator, the solar system does not have to be sized to cope with the worst sunlight conditions during the year. The diesel generator can provide back-up power that is minimized during the sunniest part of the year by the solar system. This keeps fuel and maintenance costs low.

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