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What is Solar Power?

Solar power allows life as we know it on earth to exist. On a more modern standpoint, it allows for energy to be collected and used without polluting the earth with the waste material that all fossil fuels leave behind when burned or used for power sources.

About JCI Solar

JCI Solar distributes solar panels, solar panel inverters, solar panel batteries and solar panel controllers, all items related to the complete solar system structure. The key focus of the company is to supply solar power solutions in the most cost effective way. Solar panels are the future of our country so why not start investing in your solar future now?

JCI Solar offers a complete service and sales of first class solar panels. We have a team of highly skilled individuals in all aspects of solar technology related to solar electric system that are for both, residential and commercial applications. We are dedicated to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Our Mission:

We have 5 essential aspects to form the foundation of our company:

• Setting up a research and development program to endorse and increase all possible technologies related to solar panels.

• To determine our position in the market.

• To supply only but the best quality products and even better customer service.

• Have the best internal processes and methods to ensure we have the best relationship with our clients.

• Making sure the staff is innovated, have the best performance and help them build their self development and make sure they work in a considerate yet   motivated company.

Our Values:

The values of JCI Solar are firmly ensconced in our corporate customs. We promise the following:

• Honesty and fairness in all dealings with clients.

• We only supply quality, as this is the foundation to our company.

• Making sure that when dealing with clients, it is always pleasing, efficient and an overall resourceful experience.

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